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I have been reading Transformers fanfics. Too much in fact, not to have ideas for original characters. But before I get to that, here is a boring explanation of terms. Borrows from Stat sheets I saw here on DA.
Strength: Brute physical force
Intelligence: Mental Flexibility, strategy, and Acuity.
Speed: How quickly you get from A to B. Also affects/considers reaction time.
Endurance: How quickly you tire; how well you can take a hit.
Rank: How much authority you have.
Courage: How well you can take stress, whether under fire or not.
Firepower: How hard you can hit.
Skill: How experienced you are at using your armament(s).

I would add a few other Stats:
Charisma: works with Rank; how easily you persuade others, aiding morale/Courage of those around you.
Toughness/Armor: It may seem a subset of Endurance, but I think it needs elaborating. Lessens damage from a hit, both affecting and affected by Endurance.
Armory: Variety of firepower/equipment available to you. You have a powerful device, but is it quickly prepared, adaptive, and always effective?
Stealth: How well you can hide (even when not in alt-mode).

Usually requires minimums of stats or combination. Individuals are measured also by effectiveness at roles.
Can be specialized, modified or multi-role.
Soldier: Basic all-around; Jack-of-all-trades, etc. Decent in almost every combat situation. Usually not a scientist, or intellectual.
Front Line: Assault troops, not very good at Artillery roles. Hits hard and fast.
Artillery: Strike from a distance; Can harry a foe without being seen.
Logistics: Keeps people supplied with what they need keep going. Organization is key.
Communications: Self-explanatory.
Research&Development: Scientist who comes up with all those nice toys you like so much.
Utility: The less combat-oriented jack-of-all-trades. Put-em where you need'em.
Power Utility: Combined Soldier/Utility. AKA poor man's shock troop.
Medic: Self-explanatory.
Battlefield Medic: Can fight and cure. More offence and defense than your regular Medic.
Spy: I see what you did there...observe the enemy and report back.
Saboteur: You know what makes things tick, how to stop them from ticking, or those ticking things that do the same.
Espionage: Specialized spy/saboteur combo. Separate because of differing requirements.
Stalwart Defender: Can take a beating. Obviously defense-oriented, usually best at nearly-static location.
Rearguard: That guy who stays behind so you aren't left behind. Nearly as tough as SD, but with more offensive ability.
Shock Troops: Devastating offense and very tough. Can ravage an enemy position, break a charge (or a wall), with more ease than most.
Enforcer: Concerned with the law, and has the ability to back up their words. Think military police.
Justiciar: Judge, jury, and executioner, though not often at the same time. Looks like a pushover, but really isn't. Commands Enforcers and shock troops. Always paired with another role.
Juggernaut: Powerful, equal parts Shock Troop/Stalwart Defender. Bigger, but faster, too.
Dreadnought: Shock Troop/Front Line/Rearguard Combo. Run REALLY run.
Monolith: Stalwart Defender/Shock Troop/Rearguard Combo.
Berserker: Not always smart, but can ignore damage to a point and bring on the pain.
Black ops: Generally not shown, but extra-stealthy and sneaky, with equipment and skill to back it up.

Beware, not everyone advertises these... some may even have special powers.
Advanced: Above average. Modifier denoting extra ability present in some situations.
Elite: Well above average. Modifier denoting extra ability present in most situations.
Master: Every trick in the book. Modifier denoting exemplary ability at all times.


Jonathan M. Fatkins
United States
Here's an update: I am not going to do anything after The Innkeeper's Daughter. Expect 5-7 total parts. I feel that I have lost the heart of the story. I MIGHT take it up again, but not anytime soon. Perhaps one-shots.
1. I *do* plan on doing a *lite* story; not small, but less intense than Daniel Lyons.
2. An RPG game story. Hapless people go into a shop without permission, and an adventure results. I want input...any people you want added, say your characters, within limits.
3. Other one-shots.
'Nuff said.
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